SEO – (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

All the work is done upfront, and then, for the most part, the SEO treatment lasts for the duration of the site.

The changes made will probably still be driving traffic to your site well into the future. Over time, SEO adjustments usually cost less than PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. It can even be free of charge after the upfront work is done.  But there is often a credibility factor.  It can take an undetermined period before the results are seen, in spite of listing the site on various search engines.  This is also sometimes a sort of third party endorsement when savvy searchers know that the site didn’t “buy their way in”, so the ranking is viewed as “earned”.  Some searchers skip over sponsored listings and only pay attention to standard results.

In theory, the site gets broad coverage on all search engines worldwide. If your website has been well optimised with site with links pointing to it on other sites, every search engine out there should be able to find and index your site over time.  You may even get traffic from search engines you’ve never heard of.

We must make changes to your web site.  Or plan for the best SEO intervention for a new site.  Normally, this is relatively easy to do, and the changes are usually transparent to visitors.  However, if you have invested heavily in a search engine-unfriendly site, you may not want to implement workarounds to make it more welcoming to search engines.  Or if your website copy went through a series of committee and legal approvals, changing it may not be an option.  Results (rankings, traffic) sometimes start slowly, though they do build over time.  Usually, within 3-4 months of submitting the site, rankings get about as high as they’ll be. With SEO there’s no guarantee as to results.

We can’t predict exactly how well your rankings will be for  for a particular search term or engine; nor can we predict how much traffic we’ll get.  We are limited as to the number of search terms we can target by the number of web pages we have to optimize, since we don’t want to optimize any web page for more than one or two search engines, say Google and Yahoo.

But what we do is make sure that all possible  adjustments have been made to ensure your site get the best possible opportunities for the best possible rankings.