“Davids knowledge and experience was invaluble in offering cost effective solutions when taking care of the companies computer/IT needs. I recomend David to anyone looking for on of the best IT consultants I used. Owner, Icandi Design Ltd and Architecture & Planning Consultant”
“Won the Gold Medal in an international CBT competition administered by the International Federation of Computer Educators in Banking and Finance(IFCEB), France. 1992. Won the Gold Award in the Annual International Training Competition, in the category Training Media, administered by the Institute of Training and Development, United Kingdom. When making the award, Bryan Rynn, said:... Read More
“As David is an accomplished instructional designer and developer in both the education and training fields, he brings a richness of practical experience to any education and training institution or project.  Many of the projects in which he has been involved have required him to fulfil both roles of instructional designer and project manager simultaneously. ... Read More
“David’s skills range from classic multi-media to electronic performance support and Internet-related training and commerce.  He is best known for his “can-do” attitude and his ability to deliver turnkey solutions of outstanding quality under immense time pressure.  Aside from his productivity and efficiency, he enjoys a reputation as a personable, thoughtful and helpful person.  Many... Read More
“David’s technical skills, design skills and particularly his people skills helped make this (design and management of development of NEC support and training for Eskom) a highly successful project that has been reported on at many a conference in South Africa. In order for this contract (NEC) to be used effectively, the commercial process had... Read More
“I first got to know Barras-Baker & Assoc in 1989.  My research into the market for appropriate developers lead me to them.  They successfully designed and project managed the development of my successful commercial software program “Financial Performance Assessment” including an excellent 16 hour multimedia training program, which won awards. My best wishes accompany any... Read More
“David has an exceptionally in-depth knowledge of IT having been involved in the development of this field virtually from its outset. David views the bigger picture and always combines a wonderful blend of the practical and the creative. His work is competitively priced and his abilities have added great value to our clients’ businesses. I... Read More
“I first used an application David wrote to store and retrieve the numerous passwords required in modern day communications. It has saved me hours of time. Dave has the ability to customise solutions for smaller business to handle any manner of daily routines more efficiently.”
“I enjoy collaborating and working with David to jointly give clients the best solutions for websites both PC or mobi, social media, Google PPC et al. Unlike many stereotypes of his industry, he is not ‘geeky’ and always happy and able to explain coherently the why’s and wherefore’s in a manner that I am able... Read More
“David listens to your requirements and then builds a web page with sound detail and information. I have received several compliments on my own webpage and two others David built under my direction.”
“I worked with David from 1989 to 1994 in the development of computer based training and education systems. He was always coming up with new ideas and worked with the team to implement them. Not afraid to push the boundaries but a team player too.”
“David is a talented I.T. all-rounder who finds solutions that work and gets things done on time.”
“Dave is a highly energetic, creative and dynamic expert in his field! I am proud to be associated with him. Dean of Informatics & Design”